Friday, November 10, 2017

IntPiPoMo 2017 16-21/50

I really love Elder Scrolls Online too. The game is so pretty, their elves looks so nicely not human, and they have an interesting and well developed lore. I always find myself taking a ton of screenshots. Here are a few of my many characters. (I have two of each class, total, but I think I forgot to grab shots of either Nightblade.)
Altmer Dragonknight, Brynfaeran Laekoriath and pet.
Altmer Sorceror, Celhaerin Firalien.
Celhaerin and a bird.
Dunmer Warden, Velidran Hla'Dres and bear in Morrowind.
And my main. Almost level 50, finally. Altmer Templar, Talynthas Galethaere. (Ebonheart Pact)
More Talynthas.

Not pictured, another Dunmer, a Bosmer, a Khajiit, a Redguard, a Breton, and an Imperial.

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