Friday, September 19, 2014

Archeage Launch

     Archeage launched on my birthday. Wasn't able to get into it until late that night. But finally did manage and stayed up way too late to get Aelithar to level 10 and instated as a paladin before bed.
    The first screenshot I took of him in live now that I've got a keyboard that lets me play with the impressive camera functions in the game. I'm pretty satisfied that he looks very much like his beta self even though I hadn't saved the appearance. And he's a paladin. I'd tried it a bit with Zurrath in the beta and decided I liked the playstyle a bit better than Aelithar's beta Hex Ranger build. Now that I've played it in live as far as level 18 I can safely say that I love being an elf paladin in Archeage too.
     At least I love it when I'm looking at the game and not at this:
     Which is what my free to play queue looks like after five hours today. I honestly wish I could pay for a sub and have been considering trying it for a month, but honestly the queues are frustrating when I'm not paying for it. If I were and still had to wait in line for a long time to get on I'd actually be angry. So for my sake and the game's I think I'll hold off a week or two before I think about subbing.
     In the meantime here are some screenshots of Aelithar doing paladin things.
     Watching the sunset in his first few pieces of plate gear. Found out I'd been missing the option for plate much earlier in the game than I'd thought. Also have already found bunches of quests I'd missed while I was goofing around in the beta.
     Chasing an airship. I love the way the airships look and also love the way Aelithar's elk looks with armor. A truly worthy paladin steed. Couldn't resist picking the white one and after much thought he's been christened Silverbirch because I liked the sound of it better than Aspen.

     I love the animations and the look of this game and this particular screenshot may find it's way onto my desktop as a wallpaper.
     His latest breastplate actually looks like plate armor. It is bigger than he is and bulks him out like wearing hard metal would. He looks like a paladin.
     Bulky shiny reflective breastplate and beautiful lighting.
     And this is what I'm pretending he's doing while I wait to log on. Enjoying a coffee break in the Sandcloud inn.

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