Sunday, September 14, 2014

More Beta thoughts on Archeage

     I'm regretting my lack of cash for a founder's pack and eagerly awaiting the launch. Which is on my birthday! I can't help finding that a bit awesome. After getting into Closed Beta Event 3 I was lucky enough to also get an invite for Closed Beta Event 4 and  then did a bit in the Open Beta too. In Open Beta I was able to drag a friend in and do have hopes she'll play with me some when it's live.
    I gave the Nuian a shot in CBA 4. Made this handsome fellow:
     And leveled him high enough to make him into a Templar just because I could. I will have a Nuian in live eventually but not sure he'll bear any resemblance to this fellow -or- be a Templar, but it was Beta and I was experimenting.
     The starting area for the Nuians was lovely and very medieval Europe. I loved it. And another thing I loved... the horses. I'm a little bit of a snob when it comes to horses in video games, particularly their animations. I grew up around the real things so when the animations are wrong it bugs me and after having seen a lot in video games I've come to the conclusion that they're a very hard thing to get right. ArcheAge does horses amazing. They're not perfect but I think they're the best I've seen, though Lord of the Rings Online horses are also pretty spot on. Trystan named his grey horse Ghost.
    After playing around with that I'd gone back and done a bit on Aelithar. Most of it involved taking loads of lovely screenshots as my new computer not only let me play with the graphics turned up as high as they'd go, but the new keyboard I got with it lets the F9 screenshot button function so I was finally able to really play with screenshotting. Archeage is amazing for that too. There's the camera I'm used to that is fixed on your character... but also the option to free it for really creative shots. Best of both worlds.
An airship. I couldn't resist screencapping the first one I saw... or later riding the first one I found that I could get on.

Some interesting heavenly bodies in the night sky.
I love night skies in MMOs
This is a gorgeous game with some beautiful lighting effects and areas. I can't wait to explore it further.

     In the first Closed Beta Event I was in Aelithar had gone to Mirage Isle and purchased a Black Sabrefang Cub. But then my google-fu was weak and I couldn't figure out where to get Battle Pet Formula (milk) for it so it sat in his bank through the second Closed Beta Event until finally in open Beta I found a place that told me where I could find some cows to milk. He was below the level to quest there, but it was Beta what was the harm in just trying to go, so off he went on a very long expedition to milk cows. After milking cows he raised up an adorable companion to help him fight enemies.
    Here they are enjoying the beach on one of the last days of open Beta. On the last day I went to Mirage Isle to explore and see if there was anything else he could spend his rather meager wealth on before the wipe. There wasn't, but he and Laurel had a lovely time galloping on the beach and into the sunset. Only two more days until I can play too.

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