Friday, April 11, 2014

An introduction

     I think I've been in love with MMORPGs since the first time I played a character on a friend's Everquest account many years ago in college. Eventually I got my own Everquest account and spent many hours happily noobing around and not really getting anywhere. None of my characters ever reached cap. None of them got great gear or did anything particularly awesome, though I had managed to get my Dark Elf to entirely switch sides and go live with the Wood Elves.
     Eventually I took a break and didn't MMO again for years until a friend got me into WoW. That's a whole other story (and indeed a whole other blog which will probably see a lot more action than this one.) I love WoW and it's my MMO home, but periodically  I get my little bit of wanderlust and a new shiny catches my eye and I like to wander off and find out what's over a different horizon.
     So this blog is my place for this, exciting little tidbits, pretty screenshots, reviews if I'm ever lucky enough to get into something that isn't years old. But hey maybe I'll review the years old ones too, for my own personal reference if nothing else. So these are the stories of an MMO Wayfarer. I'm less of a noob to the genre than I was back in Everquest but I'm no expert either, and this blog is entirely for fun. If you end up reading it, I hope you have some.


  1. Aw, looks like you don't really blog anymore. I somehow missed a pingback on you mentioning my blog in a post..err... well, way too long ago. I just wanted to say I wish I had caught it sooner, such a lovely blog, and you play all the games I love as well! Going to add it to my feed just in case ;)

    1. I haven't blogged here in a long time, though I have debated on and off about picking it up again. I think I'm more likely to now I know at least one person might read it! I've tried a lot more games and added some more things to the lists now. And I still peek at your blog from time to time. You have such fun screenshots. Thank you so much for the comment!