Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wildstar Beta Weekend: Final thoughts

I love the occasional ear perking and listening the Aurin do... it's too cute.
     Well the beta weekend ended last night. I was very sad to see it go. I really wish I thought buying and playing this game was in the cards for me. More than that I wish it worked on my husband's computer. I'd have loved both of us playing together, two different classes, two different paths, probably both Aurin. It was fun. Insane amounts of fun and just lovely... I don't know how many times during gameplay I'd just pause a moment and savor how incredibly pretty it was.
     The UI was buggy as heck, I assume that's why it's still in beta, but when it was working there were some neat concepts. Little mini games for certain tasks instead of just: right click, interact, done. Of course those got a little annoying when the UI didn't work enough to pop up that interface for you.
     I logged onto Frith Sunday, I'd hoped to level him far enough to check out the housing, but that didn't happen. I did get as far as tradeskills though I hadn't figured out mining by the time I logged off for the last time. I did make my first weapons though and he goes off into whatever sort of oblivion beta characters go to well armed.
Don't know if you can tell but this is way up on top of the world... or at least on top of a really huge tree.
     I really suspect I'd have gotten further with the leveling and tried out housing and everything if it hadn't been for all the time Frith and I spent climbing everything that could be climbed by an enterprising catboy. This game was designed for climbing, for getting up onto things and into things and just exploring. I didn't even care that I failed to level enough to check out the housing because I had so much fun climbing. Explorer is definitely the path for me.
     Back in WoW today I miss double jump... and just a little bit I miss those flicking ears and the twitching tail. I don't wish them terrible luck but if this game ever goes free to play I will be there. If I ever scrounge up the money for a preorder... I'll be there... probably taking a million years to level but climbing all of the things.
This little area was so beautiful and the quest was rather touching. And I love those weird deer things, they're pretty.
So long, Wildstar. Feel free to invite me back sometime. And if not, well at least I've got the memories and some really gorgeous screenshots!

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