Friday, April 25, 2014

Wildstar Beta Weekend: Day 1

I got it downloaded this morning and have not done a whole lot else all day. Such a pretty game!
I spent far too long in the character creation screen making myself a catboy... I mean Aurin... who was going to be called Therion except that somebody else had already thought of that name so he got a coloration change and became Frith.
Here he is a bit later running around in the first area after the ship. The bouncy animations are fun and he's a Spellslinger Explorer which was a good choice and was loads of fun for me. I had so much fun seeing what sort of things I could climb up.
Inititally I wasn't too impressed with the gameplay, mostly because I couldn't figure out where a bunch of my quests were. Eventually I worked out that there's just less hand-holding than in WoW or it's a different style and figured out how to find them and make my way to them. The combat is slightly Neverwinter-ish so I'm not great at it, but I'm getting the hang of it and finding it fun even if Frith has spent his fair share of time face-down due to my incompetence.
After several hours and six levels I love the Aurin and don't think I could have chosen a race/class/path combination that would have suited me better. I kind of want to preorder this game... I had fun, it's gorgeous, the characters are adorable and I could find stories here. Not sure that's actually in the cards for me but so far I'm a little bit in love. If I can drag myself away from Frith long enough tomorrow I'll probably spend a little time trying Dominion Side. After playing Exiles I'm curious how they'll manage to make the Dominion feel like something you're proud to be on the other side.
More posts to come!

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