Sunday, April 27, 2014

Wildstar Beta Weekend: Day 2-Black and White?

     One of the things I love in WoW is that, regardless of what people say about Horde or Alliance, there is no real clear cut 'good guy' or 'bad guy' faction. If you play the storylines on each side you'll see both do things that are wonderful and brave and heroic... and also things that are morally questionable at best. There's a lot of grey areas in WoW. There is no black and white, just red and blue.
     The Guardians and Defiants in Rift come across the same way to me. There isn't a right and a wrong so much as two different viewpoints. I like that, the different viewpoints make for interesting story but nobody is really playing the 'bad guys'. So I really expected it to be somewhat the same way with the Exiles and Dominions in Wildstar. And to my perception at least, it's not.
     I dragged myself away from Frith long enough for a taste of Dominion storyline today. And I made this charmer:
To let me see it. I did the entire set of quests on the Destiny and then a few more after landfall on Crimson Isle. I like the Draken.  I had fun smashing things up with imposing Kuurrim. And though he's no cute catboy he's a little adorable in his own way.
Look at that face.
But I didn't find much of that moral ambiguity I expected. The Dominion are straight up, make no apologies evil. I really don't think I can sugarcoat it. Interestingly enough it wouldn't stop me from playing Kuurrim if I actually got the game, but he'd have his own personal narrative inside it. But it did give me plenty of room  for thought and with that and very limited time left in the beta I went back to Frith to try out other things. I'm definitely an Aurin lover. I'm pretty sure I'd be mostly Exile if I actually play when it goes live.

Frith played around mostly with his Explorer Path stuff, lighting candles at shrines:
One of which involved a jumping puzzle but was pretty fun... and climbing up waterfalls with weird high jumping mushrooms to enjoy the view:
He did get to level 8 despite all my goofing around, and I spent a lot of time just being impressed by how incredibly pretty this game is despite... or maybe because of it's cartoony style and bright colors. It's not WoW, but it's homey, at least on the Exile side.

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